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About Meesha

Meesha Gunawardana is a Sri Lankan Photographer born in 1978 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

His interest in photography started in his very early years as a child when he took it up as a hobby. This later developed into a deeper passion and enthusiasm for the art.

He briefly learned about photography in school and then later mastered it further reading for a degree in Fine Arts from the University Of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka.

Meesha Gunawardana has worked as a photographer for over 15 years and has travelled all over the island working on various projects for leading companies in Sri Lanka.Over the years he has worked fulltime and gained expertise in areas such as Fashion & Glamour Photography, Commercial Photography ,Wedding Photography & Event Photography.

Hemas,Phoenix Industries,Hayleys,Laugh PLC,Central Investment & Finance Ltd are a few out of his wide network of clients.

Meesha is official photographer to a number of Sri Lankan celebrities from many fields.He is also the official Photographer for Sri Lanka’s leading fashion magazine ‘’The Modelz Magazine’’.He has Photographed and designed portfolios for experienced aswell as aspiring models.He has also lead a number of workshops in Fashion & Glamour Photography and has also been recognized for his unmatched talent.